• The 'New Energy'

    Understand what is happening to your body right now

    The energetic technique that Renee has developed comes from working with the 'new energy' system which is a relatively new concept for most of us. In short, we're all experiencing a time of transition where we're evolving into a higher state of consciousness. You could say that it's a form of evolution, where our energy system is shifting up a notch allowing us to embrace our full potential.


    Some people are already functioning on this new system however most people are struggling somewhere in the transition process and are experiencing a variety of symptoms such as:

    • dissatisfaction with life, relationships or career
    • unable to fit into a rigid structure like the '9 til 5' job or routine commitments
    • recurrence of illness or aggravation of old injuries
    • a knowingness that there is 'more to life'
    • feeling like time has begun to speed up
    • strange physical symptoms such as sudden migraine, sharp pain in the back, blurry vision, nausea, throbbing palms/fingers, heart palpitations, ringing in the ear or dizziness
    • being on an 'emotional rollercoaster' and having days of either very high or very low energy
    • emergence of psychic gifts or increased awareness of spirits and energies around them
    • feeling fearful, anxious or depressed (especially about the state of the world) 
    • no longer wearing jewellery or 'forgetting' to wear a watch 
    • feeling like something is holding you back in life
    • repeated bad luck or continuation of frustrating patterns
    • seeing number patterns everywhere like 11:11 or 888
    Some of the above physical signs are also known as 'Ascension Symptoms'. This is when your energetic body has started to shift up onto a higher vibration, and now your physical body is going through a process trying to catch up and recalibrate, so it can hold your new energetic frequency. These uncomfortable feelings will soon pass, so hang in there!

    Renee can help you shift onto this 'new energy' system quicker and enable you to start living a better life.


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