• The Joy Gathering is evolving!


    My friend and fellow Healer Kylie Wilson have been hosting a fortnightly Thursday evening event since mid April 2019 (13 in total) and it's been the perfect winter warmer to get us through the cooler months 😊


    We are now feeling the urge to GET OUTSIDE and have some fun in the sun... and also to shake the format up a bit.


    We are now going to have a catch up on the first Sunday each month... and anyone/everyone is free to host or offer suggestions of what to do.


    Some ideas:


    ⭐️ BBQ/Picnic at a park
    ⭐️ Beach swim
    ⭐️ Outdoor volleyball or some other sport/game
    ⭐️ Nature hike
    ⭐️ Organised event that is on (i.e. sound healing, concert, Fringe festival show etc)
    ⭐️ Ecstatic dance event
    ⭐️ Movie night or get together at someone's house
    ⭐️ Charity event to connect with animals or people in need
    ⭐️ or.....whatever else brings you joy!


    We have created a PRIVATE Facebook group to connect in, where we can ALL post events, ideas and just share in general.


    If you'd like to be added to this group please click here and request to join:




    All are welcome and newbies are celebrated so please come in and make yourself at home!!


    And everyone is encouraged to suggest events at any time, for mid week, early morning, late night, whatever you like! So you can attend as much or as little as feels right for you 😍


    This helps build a community where choice is offered and everyone can have their needs met. Whether that be rest, play, connection, adventure, exercise, fun, growth or support!


    Can't wait to see you there 😊🤩🥳


    💜 Renee and Kylie

  • Some Photos from Previous Joy Gatherings

  • artist: co-host Kylie Wilson

    the Violet Flame

  • It's time to be happy and joyful and create a new momentum of wealth and prosperity through human connection!


    We hope to see you there! 🌞🎉💗

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