Alot of us have been in hiding, undergoing some deep inner healing and processing. Talking to my friends, other Healers and many of my clients, it seems that we are all waiting, waiting for a sign of 'what to do' or which direction to take. We are also trusting, trusting that everything will be ok and things will all work out. Especially financially, where many people are feeling a hit right now, either from mortgage stress or just a slow down in work.

    This has caused alot of us to withdraw, stay home and not connect much to other people. Either because 'we can't afford it' or we just don't have a desire to be around other people, as they may drain our energy.

    Well, my friend and fellow Healer Kylie Wilson and I got tired of sitting around waiting, and realised that we have so much abundance available to us right now, that we are not tapping into!

    We would like to bring people together once a fortnight, simply to HAVE FUN! No agenda, nothing serious, no 'deep inner work' (haven't we done enough of that?!) just great people enjoying each other's company.

    Please see below for full details, I hope you can join us!

    The Joy Gathering


    After the all the work we have been doing, internally and externally in the world, life can get so damn serious! All year we have been surrendering into trust but now as we watch bank balances deplete there is a worry about how much longer can one surrender in this trust considering living costs still exists right now!

    Have you forgotten how to relax and enjoy being in good company for the pure enjoyment of it? How to let your hair down without the help of booze or spending extravagant money? We need to remind ourselves that we are already abundant in so many ways... with good food, good company, good music, playing games, singing songs, to laugh and FEEL joy once again!

    This time is our opportunity to decide how we want to feel. When we FEEL and BE the source of abundance, and share it with others, then we create our own source of abundance that is not reliant on something else happening before you can feel happy.

    So we are creating The Joy Gathering, which is a fortnightly gathering where the only thing planned is that we have genuine human connection and FUN!

    Everyone is welcome, everyone is invited to give their input. We are creating the space for people to come and open their hearts and relax and laugh! But no one is in charge, there is no 'plan' other than to generate our own momentum to fun and raw abundance.

    We might play a board game, dance, sing, watch a documentary or movie, meditate, have a meal sharing night, or have a dress up night, who knows! We are coming together as a community, with no agenda. So although there are some spiritual themes the whole idea is to get ‘out of our heads’ and have fun, so we might not discuss anything ‘spiritual’ at all! Think of it as a PARTY, nothing too serious or heavy 😊
    What To Bring
    There is no pressure to bring anything, but in time it would be great to have input from others about how we celebrate our time together. If you can, bring something that you enjoy and represents joy, fun or abundance for you!
    That could be:

    💗 Something yummy for supper (if possible aim for vegan and gluten free so everyone can enjoy)

    💗 Your favourite tea

    💗 A board game or other game that gets us physical (hula hoops, circus toys!)

    💗 An instrument or sound healing tool you'd like to play or share around

    💗 A book, tarot cards or article you’d like to share

    💗 A funny video you've seen on facebook recently

    💗 Crystals you feel would like to join in the energy

    💗 Paper, texters, pens... anything creative that we can play with

    💗 Some music you’d like to play or movie/documentary you’d like to watch

    💗 And if you’re stuck for ideas please bring $5 to commit to the abundance kitty, which will be re-invested back into joyful things for this group

    One fortnight we will meet at Kylie’s house, South of River in Success, and the next fortnight we will meet at Renee's house, North of River in Mt Hawthorn. If one of us is away, then the event will be held at the other person’s house, so that we don’t skip a fortnight.


    Please ensure that you check the event that you are registered to, so that you attend the correct house!


    What others are saying about this gathering:


    ⭐Last night at Kylie’s home was exactly the fun and laughter I needed. Thanks again for the healing at the end. I feel less alone in the world!⭐ - R.D.


    WHEN: every second Thursday
    TIME: 7pm to 9pm
    DURATION: 2 hours
    LOCATION: Mount Hawthorn / Success alternating (address provided upon booking)
    INVESTMENT: free


    Spaces limited to 10 people so get in early to secure your place!

    👉 👉👉 Click Here to book your place and join us for a relaxed evening of fun!



    And if you're on Facebook, please click 'attending' on the individual event, so you can receive any updates we post. All events can be found linked on the 'Events' tab of Spirit Connect with Renee Cusworth.
    Please note this is a drug and alcohol free event.

  • Some Photos from Previous Joy Gatherings

  • artist: co-host Kylie Wilson

    the Violet Flame

  • It's time to be happy and joyful and create a new momentum of wealth and prosperity through human connection!


    We hope to see you there! 🌞🎉💗

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