Geoclense® Home & Workplace Harmoniser

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Neutralizes noxious EMR fields unique to buildings in the home and workplace.

The Geoclense® is a healthy, negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation.
Have you stopped to consider how 24/7 exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is affecting you and your family? 
We are bombarded daily by a complex mix of EMR emanating from Wi-Fi and digital TV’s, Smart Meters, electrical radiation from appliances, power lines, fluorescent lighting, mobile phone towers and more in our living and working environments.
Constant or extreme exposure to strong electromagnetic forces which create unhealthy energetic conditions may result in mild to major health consequences in living beings exposed to them.
What types of EMR fields are we exposed to?
We can be exposed to OVER 30 DIFFERENT TYPES of veritable or measurable EMR fields in our homes and workplaces, both known and unknown.
The Geoclense® Home and Workplace Harmonizer is a “man-made engineered smart crystal” technology which is programmed to neutralize the different types of EMR fields we are all typically exposed to no matter where we may live or work around the world.  It dominates the electrical system with a healthy negative charge resonance so that the subsequent  unhealthy positive charge resonance of EMR fields created by electrical appliances, Wi-Fi etc., emits a negative charge frequency which is in harmony with the human bio-field, thus neutralizing any electromagnetic stress on the body.
The Geoclense® Home and Workplace Harmonizer has evolved to be much more than a powerful electrical and Wi-Fi radiation harmonizer. Over the years, due to our ongoing EMR research beyond the normal, there have been so many more built-in programs added that deal with negative energy imprints; things that you are often not aware of, however, which may be affecting your emotional well-being and ultimately your long-term health.
The Geoclense® Home and Workplace Harmonizer is unique, being the only one of its kind to potentially harmonize over 30 different forms of harmful, noxious EMR emissions:-
Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) produced by…
Digital TVs
Smart Meters
Baby Monitors
Microwave Ovens
Bluetooth Devices
Laptops and Tablets
Fluorescent Lighting
Electrical Appliances
Solar Panel Inverters
Mobile Phone Towers
High-Voltage Power Lines
4G & 5G Tower Emissions
Wi-Fi Routers and Modems
Cordless and Mobile Phones
Artificial Heating and Cooling
Discordant energies from Vaulted Ceilings
Out-gassing from floors, paint, carpets etc.
Noxious Resonance from Mold and Fungus
Earth Radiation
 (Geopathic Stress)
 produced by…
Earth Fissures
Seismic Fault Lines
Underground Water Veins
Radioactive Geological Matter (Uranium and Coal)
Drinking Water, Sewer, Storm and Gray Water Pipes
Hartman, Curry, Benker & 400-meter Earth Magnetic Grid Lines
Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated) imprinting produced by…
Juvenile emotional stress
Illnesses and diseased organs
Previous occupants’ emotional distress
Negative psychic impressions/Psychic attacks
Death imprints/”Paranormal” Activity – (Read our Blog “Spooky Photos“)
Solar & Planetary Radiation imprinting produced by…
Planetary Retrograde influences
Beta Gamma from X, C & M-class Solar Flares/Solar Winds
Beta Gamma Radiation from Cygnus X3 (for people in the Northern Hemisphere)
Additional “unique” features of the Geoclense ® Home and Workplace Harmonizer: –
The Geoclense ® has an effective range which will harmonize to the boundaries of the smallest or largest properties.  There is no limit to the size of the property. This means that not only is your home protected, but your property grounds and animal life as well. 
The Geoclense® Home and Workplace Harmonizer neutralizes all Earth Radiation.  Fruit and vegetables grown on a property will not be imprinted by radioactive minerals in the soil. 
How is EMR affecting our health and making us feel?
Overexposure to any of the above types of harmful electromagnetic radiation fields at home and work may lead to problems with our health, as EMR creates resonant stress on the human body which directly affects our meridians, organs, immune system, nervous system, hormones and emotional states.
It is not disputed that noxious electromagnetic fields at any level can trigger biological effects and attribute a diffuse collection of symptoms…
Headaches and Fatigue
Feeling Electro-hypersensitive
Having trouble concentrating and Foggy brain
Trouble sleeping and children suffering bad dreams
Sensing unusual spirit activity/interference at night time
Feelings of discomfort or nausea in certain areas of a building
Negative emotional energies of depression, anxiety and anger
Feeling lethargic or lack of drive to perform the simplest of tasks at home or work
So, what’s the solution?
The GEOCLENSE® Home and Workplace Harmonizer
Stress put on the human body by the different sources of noxious energy emissions are potentially neutralized with a Geoclense® operating in a building.  Within an instant, the space feels ”lighter” and “clearer” and the well-being of the people may be restored, creating a healthier and happier home and work environment.
A Radiation Free Home = Healthy Home, Healthier Life
The Geoclense ® represents over 18 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience and an intricate knowledge of the types of harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) which may exist within a space.  It is this knowledge base of the manufacturer of the Geoclense® Gerard Bini, World-Renowned Intuitive Building Biologist and EMF Consultant, with his advanced intuitive energy reading and dowsing skills developed over many years, that all contribute to the creation and outstanding performance of the Geoclense®.
Geoclense® Home and Workplace Harmonizer has been clinically tested and proven for effectiveness by Accredited health professionals worldwide such as Kinesiologists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Bioresonance practitioners who know how to test an EMR harmonizer and space clearing device.  What they test for is electromagnetic stress on meridians and organs. The GEOCLENSE® is non-placebo and many years of testing proves this beyond doubt.
To activate the GEOCLENSE® Home and Workplace Harmonizer: –
Simply plug the Geoclense® into any power point or power board in your home and workplace and ensure it is switched on. 
You only need one Geoclense® per property/building.
Doesn’t need to be centrally located or in any special location.
The Geoclense® does not consume any electrical supply.
The Geoclense® will virtually last forever.
“Out of our 1400 products that we sell, the Geoclense is our #1 bestselling product worldwide.  It is VERY effective and is used by me personally and my family and friends, and they have been assessed by the most critical electro-hypersensitive and energy sensitive individuals worldwide.  It is the single most effective solution for combating Sick Building Syndrome or Geopathic Stress that I know of, in my 27 years of assessing such products.” - Greg Hernon, Natures Energies, Melbourne.
Received your Geoclense yesterday, thanks for the very fast sending.  Plugged it into the wall and I tried not to be in any advanced positive thinking….”this is going to change everything”, but I must tell you: the house feels better, MUCH better, and I slept very well.  This morning I have much more energy, and somehow, it feels like the house has a white ray around it now.  I am sending my son his Geoclense on Monday, so can’t wait for his reaction too 🙂  Thank you for this great product.” - A.J. – Dubbo, New South Wales
A Geoclense® is highly recommended for both Home and Workplace, and when traveling.
Why do I need a Geoclense® for my workplace?
What people don’t realize is that ALL workplaces are the most harmful energetic environments.  This is because there’s generally a higher amount of EMR fields from machines, computers, mobile phone towers, appliances and fluorescent lighting etc.
The other big energetic influence is Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated) caused by negative psychic attacks and impressions aimed at the business and the people working within the business, which are electromagnetic imprints created by outside competitors, skeptics, non-supporters, disgruntled customers, disgruntled staff and animosity among staff and management.
It’s amazing how different you feel when you remove all forms of Bioplasmic Radiation.  Another reason why people love the uniqueness of the Geoclense®.
“I absolutely love your products.  I have noticed a huge difference in my workplace since using the Geoclense.  No one knows it’s there, but they all seem a lot calmer even when the stress gets high!  My household seems calmer too, and I’m feeling awesome thanks to my Orange Pendant and Ener-Band 😀.  You sure have found gold with your products.  Thank you so much for helping me and changing my life for the better.” - T. McLeod, Australia
Why do I need a Geoclense® when I travel?
For use in hotels, hostels, motels, resorts, holiday houses and apartments.  Plug the Geoclense® in immediately upon arrival as you don’t know what sort of energies may be there to greet you.  A typical Hotel/Motel room would have had many hundreds of people sleeping in the same bed that you are, potentially leaving an overlap of emotional and illness imprints in that bed and within the rooms, which may interfere with your sleep and emotional and physical well-being while on holiday.  These localized fields over the Hotel beds are all neutralized by the Geoclense®.
Combine the Geoclense® with a travel adapter to suit the electrical power point of your destination.  Add a touch of harmony to your holiday and travel experience.
“I recently holidayed at an 11-story Hotel which had four mobile phone panels on the side of the building – the equivalent of staying in a Mobile Phone Tower! The presence of the phone panels virtually made the building uninhabitable for me due to the extremely noxious energy disturbance which I could feel throughout my whole body.  When I entered in my room, I quickly plugged in the Geoclense, and within seconds, I felt the space was cleared and I could no longer feel the strong energies stressing my body.  I ended up sleeping well with the Geoclense plugged in which is amazing considering how toxic the room felt upon arrival.” - Leanne C. Melbourne, Victoria
We also highly recommend our Orgone Ionic Personal Pendants which were created for continued EMF protection when you’re out and about and away from the protection of the Geoclense® environment at home or work.
The GEOCLENSE® Home and Workplace Harmonizer is sold to over 20 countries around the world.
Choose Orgone Effects® Geoclense® Home and Workplace Harmonizer for yourself and your family, or as a special gift for someone who deserves a healthier home & healthier life.
Healthy Home, Healthier Life
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