In this fun, light hearted workshop we will explore many different topics, from the macro ‘big picture’ of what is going on in the universe and with humanity right now, right down to the micro level of how we relate to others in our relationships.

    Learn about how you fit into this big picture and take away tools that you can use in everyday life, to empower yourself in many different situations.

    Today more than ever, it is important to find your power within and use this life force to propel yourself out of fear, complacency or hiding away.

    Sometimes though we have to face the very real challenges in our everyday life, with a controlling boss, manipulative friend, unsupportive partner or judgemental family member. It’s in these relationships where we need to step up into our power, speak our truth and not allow ourselves to be held down anymore.

    We can also lose energy easily in places where there are a lot of people, such as workplaces, shopping centres, restaurants, social gatherings etc.




    Some of the symptoms of being energetically sensitive or having weak boundaries include: ​

    😐 feeling drained or overwhelmed in crowds or around certain people

    😐 finding it hard to ground your energy and find your balance

    😐 finding it hard to stop thinking about someone after you have talked to them, even though you would like to stop

    😐 finding it hard to say “no” and doing things that you don’t really want to do

    😐 having a history of having friends or dating people that ‘need healing’, are emotionally draining or have narcisstic or abusive traits

    😐 feeling tired of being harassed, bullied or intimidated by someone but fear speaking up because of how they might react

    😐 shrinking yourself down, making yourself quieter or less outgoing, in order to keep other people happy

    😐 having had uncomfortable contact with spirits or lower vibrational beings




    Empowerment is gained from firstly understanding the truth about the power that YOU hold within yourself, RIGHT NOW. And then applying practical techniques in every day life, such as expressing yourself verbally and being aware of how you hold your own energy field.


    So would you like to:

    ❤️ learn more about what 3D or 5D means or the terms ‘the new human’, ‘the new earth’, ‘the new energy’, ‘multi-dimensionality’ or ‘ascension’? Either for your own spiritual development or so that you can speak confidently to clients on this topic?

    ❤️ learn the truth about lower vibrational beings and their role in assisting your development?

    ❤️ connect or strengthen your relationship with Source/The Divine/God and regain trust?

    ❤️ set better boundaries with people but have no idea where to start?

    ❤️ learn how to love your family and friends unconditionally but still have the energy to take care of yourself?

    ❤️ improve your overall health, happiness and energy levels?

    ❤️ live a more expanded life, free from fear and follow your hearts desires?


    If you answered yes to any of the above, then this workshop is for you!

    In this ground-breaking experiential workshop you will receive up to date information and participate in guided energy healing meditations, designed specifically to move you into a place of strength, unconditional love and EMPOWERMENT. This workshop will expand your consciousness and open you up to new ways of looking at things.

    Your energy body is where your life force exists, and it needs to be acknowledged and treated with love and respect. People are interacting on an energetic level constantly, even before or after they have been together in the same physical space. And most of this is done without either person being aware. The more you can understand about your own energy body and how it works, the better you can maintain your energy levels and not be drained by other people.



    You will discover:

    1. The Importance of Grounding – three methods will be shared and we will clear any energetic grounding blocks you have on the day

    2. Saint Germain’s Violet Flame – a powerful and simple incantation will be shared and practiced, so that you can use to remove any unwanted energies from your body and home

    3. Big Picture Discussion - the sharing of guided information and a simple flow chart diagram about how humanity is moving from a Third Dimensionality frequency to Multi-Dimensionality and where you fit in. See how the ego can block us from seeing this bigger picture and halts our spiritual evolution

    4. Lower Vibrational Beings - discover what Entities, Fallen Angels, Demons, Reptilians, Tall Greys and Earthbound Spirits really are and where they fit into the world today

    5. Integrating our Shadow Side – learn about the Levels of Consciousness and how anger can be a constructive tool once you understand the purpose of it. Perform an exercise to integrate parts of us that feel separated to Source/The Divine/God energy

    6. Structure of the Human Energy Field Today – integrating the chakra system with the new energy grids

    7. Acknowledging the Importance of the Physical Body - things to be aware of that can inhibit spiritual growth and impact our health

    8. Using Tools to Assist Self-Healing - including guides, angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic guides, nature and land spirits, animals, crystals, vortices and portals, sound healing, yoga, meditation, light language and respecting our traditional land owners

    9. Setting Boundaries – learn what a boundary is, how to set boundaries with the spirit realm/lower vibrational beings, in your relationships with people and with yourself (so you can respect the boundaries of others). We will practice using live examples from your life

    10. Understanding WHY we are like this – discover why you might have created these patterns for yourself and the Relationship between the Healer and the User/Abuser/Psychopath/Sociopath/Narcissist. Learn how to overcome

    11. Healing Meditation to Heal a Relationship – we will journey on a powerful meditation together to release stagnant energy from one or more relationships in your life and heal that relationship on a deep soul level

    12. How to Respond to Draining People – learn about the symptoms of energy loss, various techniques you can use to stop this happening and practice the removal of energetic attachments

    13. Closing Empowerment Exercise - apply everything you have learnt in this final heart opening expansion and empowerment exercise for the day, and leave feeling strong and powerful like the amazing being you are!



    What else is included:

    ❤️ Food and Drinks - Delicious Vegan and Gluten Free morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided. Along with filtered water, tea (all kinds), coffee, decaf coffee, dairy and non-dairy milk. If you have any intolerances please let me know at the time of booking.

    ❤️ Workbook - You’ll receive a comprehensive workbook of over 50 pages to take home and reference back to.


    Who will enjoy this workshop?


    ✔️ with an interest in understanding themselves better
    ✔️ with an interest in understanding the bigger picture of the greater energetic world and humanity
    ✔️ a desire to improve communication within any relationship and express themselves better
    ✔️ a desire to improve their energy levels
    ✔️ wanting to obtain new healing tools to use alone or with clients
    ✔️ who identifies as energetically sensitive or an empath
    ✔️ working in the spiritual, energetic or complementary health fields
    ✔️ working as a Psychologist, Counsellor, Social Worker
    ✔️ working with people either intimately or in a general workplace environment, in any industry

    And of course, anyone who would like to feel more EMPOWERED in their life, free themselves from others and regain complete autonomy over their life!

    A basic understanding and openness to spiritual concepts (soul, past lives, the Divine etc) would be beneficial but not required, as we are explaining things from the ground up.



    30+ Years of observing and interacting with energy has resulted in the creation of this workshop and you'll get to learn it all in ONE DAY!




    What others are saying about this workshop:

    Q – How did you feel when you left?

    ⭐ Super grounded. Full of energy and well loved.⭐ - R.L.
    ⭐ I felt very energized after the workshop and could not sleep until 3am the following day. I also felt very optimistic and powerful.⭐- K.B.
    ⭐ Lighter, motivated, optimistic.⭐ - R.D.
    ⭐ Tired but in a satisfied way. I went to a friend’s house straight after for dinner and got all energized talking about this stuff for ages haha.⭐ - D.P.
    ⭐ Great, I felt like I have started a new chapter in my life. I walked to the beach on Sunday morning to ground, I felt very positive and connected all day. ⭐ - J.W.

    Q – Did you enjoy the workshop and would you recommend it to others?

    ⭐ Absolutely. You hold space well and there was so much information that is relevant to me. Thanks so much for such an informative session. Very intuitive!⭐ - R.L.

    ⭐ Absolutely. You did an amazing job in putting all this information together and giving us a big picture perspective, but still providing enough practical tools for us to use in our everyday life. I also thought the synergy of the group was amazing. I got so much out of the workshop that I will not hesitate to recommend it to others. The practices to set energetic boundaries were the most helpful for me. Discussing them and practicing them during the workshop was very empowering and gave me the confidence that I can do this myself (even though I do not "work" in the healing field). I usually tend to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information covered in a whole day workshop, but this was not the case on Saturday. I found that the real-life examples provided really balanced the theory part of the workshop and gave it a real practical feel, which I know was your intention. It made the whole workshop a lot more digestible. Thank you Renee for this amazing workshop. I definitely got alot out of it!⭐ - K.B.

    ⭐ Yes, definitely. It was very informative and relaxed. The information helped me understand what is happening in my life and those around me at the moment, and the meditations and Violet Flame will help me so much. I really enjoyed meeting you all and found the workshop was exactly what I needed at the right time. I felt lighter at the end and slept well. I have a new energy now to start my new job tomorrow, my home has a new energy now that I have reclaimed the space as my own, and I feel so much better. I will continue using the Violet Flame every day.⭐ - R.D.

    ⭐Yes I loved it! Absolutely. For me it was great to hear and go through all this information together in 1 day. I mean I already knew or had heard of most of the content from sessions with you or from my own extensive Google and Youtube research (lol) or from other people/healers, but there was something great about having it presented altogether like that with the big picture overview and then strategies for how to apply it in real life to be in 5D consciousness. Super helpful! It consolidated the knowledge for me and you also showed me how to explain and talk to others about this stuff, which will be really helpful for me in the future when working with clients. Huge thank you!!! I loved the 3D vs 5D diagram you drew haha. The most helpful thing was hearing again about how team dark has a purpose. You honestly rocked it!⭐ - D.P.


    ⭐ Yes. Firstly I enjoyed the casual atmosphere, I felt comfortable, at ease and willing to participate in the group exercises. The group size was just right and I felt everyone got on well and had fun throughout the day. The course content was a great introduction for me, many of the concepts were new and you explained them in a way that made it easy to understand and remember. I also enjoyed hearing about your personal experiences not only were they interesting but they reinforced some of the concepts we discussed. I enjoyed learning about the big picture and where we fit in, but the most useful was learning how to focus my energy. I have been grounding each day and feel positive. I also found the discussion on defining boundaries and how to approach difficult people or situation useful. The course has inspired me to learn more, I'd like to learn more about Source, how to connect to my spirit guides and understand and achieve my true purpose.⭐ - J.W.

    Q - Were you satisfied with the food?

    ⭐ YUMMO! Delicious. 😋 ⭐ - R.L.
    ⭐ The food was delicious.⭐ - K.B.
    ⭐ Yes, lunch was delicious.⭐ - R.D.
    ⭐ YES! Delicious.⭐ D.P.

    ⭐ Yes it was all great, I particularly enjoyed the chocolate date balls.⭐ - J.W.




    About the Host, Renee Cusworth from Spirit Connect:


    Renee has been experiencing the energetic world around her since she was a child, with some of her first memories being that of spirits and lower vibrational beings.


    Throughout a journey of discovery throughout her twenties and early thirties, Renee obtained the tools she needed to empower herself to set strong boundaries with not only the energy world but also with the people living within it! She has been working as an Intuitive Healer, Kinesiologist and Psychic Medium for three years and has conducted over 1500 one on one Healing & Guidance sessions and nearly 50 energetic property clearances. These sessions have provided valuable insight and learning opportunities into this fascinating world we live in.


    Read more about her journey and the sessions here.




    WHEN: to be confirmed
    TIME: to be confirmed
    DURATION: to be confirmed
    LOCATION: Mount Hawthorn (address provided upon booking)
    INVESTMENT: to be confirmed

    Follow up support offered via monthly Empowerment Group events.

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