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    Orgone Effects Australia are a Melbourne based company who manufacture products to minimise or eliminate the harmful affects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and radiation. Their extensive range of products are a result of over 18 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience and knowledge of the various types of harmful EMF's.


    Gerard Bini is an internationally renowned Intuitive Building Biologist and creator of these products, which are now sold in over 20 countries around the world.


    These devices can protect you from:

    • Electromagnetic Fields/Radiation (EMF's/EMR's) - generated from Wi-Fi and phone signals, digital TV's, bluetooth devices, smart watches, cordless and mobile phones, baby monitors, microwaves, fluorescent lighting, electrical appliances, artificial heating and cooling, external high-voltage power lines and 4G/5G towers
    • Earth Radiation (Geopathic stress) - generated from underground water channels, radioactive geological matter such as uranium and coal, earth magnetic grid lines and mould/fungus in the environment
    • Bioplasmic Radiation (Human generated)- such as spirit activity, negative entities, emotional residues from previous property occupants, psychic attack impressions and energetic imprints from death on property
    • Solar and Planetary Radiation - felt by sensitive people when there are solar flares or planets in retrograde
    Electromagnetic Fields and radiation cause stress on the human body which directly affects our organs, meridians, nervous system and hormones. This can cause a variety of problems and it can be hard to determine the exact cause of these quite generic symptoms. These symptoms include; anxiety, tiredness, difficulty concentrating, lack of motivation, sleeping problems, depression, anger, headaches, discomfort or nausea in certain areas of home or not wanting to be home at all.
    After experiencing for herself the huge impact these products have had on the lives of herself and many others, Renee recommends purchasing the:
    Please feel free to contact Renee with any questions regarding these products or what is suitable for your needs!
    Renee has opened a Wholesale account with Orgone Effects and receives discounted prices of up to 30% off the Regular Retail Price (RRP).
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    Items will be express posted to you from the Melbourne based Orgone Effects warehouse, for the flat rate shipping fee of $10.85.
    Items will be delivered in 2-3 Business Days from the time the order is placed.
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