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What Is Love?

Read on to hear a beautiful channelled message with the answer...

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My guides were pushing me to send an email update tonight and I didn't really know what I'll be sharing... I sat down at the computer and I wrote on my notepad the topics which we will be covering. The first one that came up out of nowhere was 'love', which made me think "what the heck am I going to write about that?" When I began to write this article, it was actually a channelled message, which I intercepted with my own story in the middle... and then I channelled again. So it may read a little strangely at first, just go with it :)

What Is Love?

Alot of us are conditioned to believe that love is something external to us. Something that needs to be obtained, achieved, given or blessed with. But as many of you are beginning to realise, the love that you are seeking is something that you already hold inside of you. It is your birthright. It is the love that is bestowed upon you by the very fact that you are a speck of light, a beam of light directly from source energy. Source, The Divine, God's energy, call it what you will, but you are made of it. You are not separate from this. Renee is recalling a story which she has retold to a few clients before. In her words:

"A few years ago I was dealing with a particularly nasty negative entity (a fallen angel). Needless to say I was scared sh*tless because I had never dealt with something of this size before. For full disclosure I am not religious and had not easily connected to the word 'God' before. But I have been spiritual my whole life, connecting with something 'greater than myself'. Anyway, on this night, facing this entity in my bedroom alone at 2am, I fearfully asked "Guides? Are you here?". No response. "Archangel Michael?" No response. Finally I asked, "God?". And then, a voice said back to me "I am always with you because I AM YOU". And from that moment on I realised the immensity of my power. I don't need God or anyone to save me because I am made from the very essence that God is made of. I had never previously heard God speak to me and have not heard it since."

This story is a good example of the power that we hold within us.

Linking back to love, God's energy is PURE LOVE. Coming back to terms you may be more comfortable with, the Divine's energy is PURE LOVE.

Source is PURE LOVE.

If you're feeling lonely, afraid, unloved, unworthy, that is OK. Accept that. Say "I accept that I am lonely" etc. But then open up to the pure channel of consciousness that you can access right now, source energy.

How do you do this?

Take a moment to breathe. Go for a walk. Meditate. Be kind to strangers. Accept compliments. Give compliments. Help an animal from a path of danger. All of these things will bring you closer to source energy.

And they are accessible to you right now.

Unconditional love is giving love without conditions. If a person is rude to you at the shops, be kind and loving anyway. Of course, set your boundaries and verbalise if they have crossed a line, but also go deeper and realise that perhaps that person has had a rough life, and that is why they were rude to you. It is not about you.

Be humble. The ego is a confusing and often talked about topic. Essentially, be aware of when you're trying to control things. To make things go 'your way' because you are right. You're not right. There are always many angles to look at a situation. Consider your angle is but one of them. We will explore this topic fully in another post.

To finish off, the answer to "What is L O V E?" is;

To Be One With The Divine.

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With love and light,

Renee Cusworth

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer and Kinesiologist

Open Your Heart, Open Your Life!

Based in Mount Hawthorn, Perth, Western Australia, Renee is available for Healing & Guidance sessions either in person or via telephone / Skype (voice or video call).

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