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The Antithesis of the Virus panic

Which reality are you going to choose?

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It's been a quiet few months for me here on the blog as I've been busy having a transformative time internally and on the business front.

I have been watching the various world events unfold... most notably here on the home front we have had the Australian bush fire crisis peaking over our summer season and the latest virus pandemic.

I'm linking the two as both have created a huge amount of fear, sadness, grief, anger, anxiety and panic in many people around the world. And how I have personally dealt with the events, has been the same.

I thought I'd share some ideas here for how you can find your inner peace and not be overcome by those aforementioned emotions.

Firstly - The Big Picture

Nothing is ever truly wrong, broken, or a mistake. Every single event on our planet right now is part of something greater, which can be very difficult to see so I'm hoping to share a bit of that insight.

With the bushfires, the animals are huge heart activators for us. All of those animals who perished in the fire had soul contracts to help humanity at this time. They knew before they came to this planet that their lives would be ending in that way, at a time of great need. We, as humans, see this tragedy and we cry, feel the pain, open our hearts and RELEASE. They were the trigger for some huge heart openings around the planet.

This article from US Animal Communicator Danielle Mackinnon brilliantly explores this topic further.

This relationship we have with animals is continuing all the time, and not just with the animals in the bushfires. So many people report to me that when they have huge shifts in their life with their career and internal world, their beloved pet chooses to depart them. Of course it is absolutely gut wrenching, but the beautiful animals purpose has been fulfilled. You created a soul contract with that animal and agreed a long time ago, that this would be the time that you need them to depart, to trigger your own heart opening. The animal is usually a soul mate, so they then continue to assist you on the other side as a guide, or they come back to us in a reincarnated form.

The Virus

I'm calling it "The Virus" as I have realised how much energy is attached to the true name (which I'm sure you're all aware of!).

There is such an interesting mix of opinions out there... ranging from conspiracy theories that the governments have conspired to release this virus to keep us all in a fear state, to the extreme scarcity/lack mentality where people are mesmerised by the media and preparing for WW3.

Of course my thoughts are only an opinion aswell, but this stance has kept me in a peaceful state, not buying into any of the drama or losing sleep.

The big picture of the virus on a spiritual level is to awaken people to become conscious of their beliefs around abundance, scarcity and of course their deep inner fears.

Why Does The Big Picture Matter?

We are all connected on a deep energetic level. When one of us opens our hearts and releases our own pain or overcomes a fear, the release is felt by the collective and feeds back into the consciousness of our community and the wider population. So if you're working on yourself and taking responsibility for your emotions, you will be helping create a planet that has more peace, harmony and love.

Likewise, if you are generating anger and hate (even from thoughts that you think are justified such as "I hate people who harm animals") then you are feeding that frequency back into the network and actually perpetuating the cycle of fear, hate, anger etc.

So connecting back up to our own hearts and finding our inner peace is CRITICAL at this moment.

This is also part of our own personal soul journey. This is what we came here to do. So often I hear the question "what is my life purpose?". The answer is... to find your inner peace! This is your journey towards enlightenment, one which all great masters have walked before us, including Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha and Lord Jesus Christ.

Read on for some ideas on how to find peace in the current climate...

How To Find Inner Peace

1. Choose your reality! This is different to being ignorant and pretending a problem doesn't exist. It does exist, but does it exist in your reality right now? Of course for some people this is a yes, perhaps they have been directly affected or have a loved one who is affected by the bushfires or diagnosed with the virus. Those people need alot of love, support and care to get through this challenging time. If you are not one of these people - then rejoice! Keep reading...

2. Disconnect from all news and social media. It depends how far you want to take this... personally, I do not watch news on TV or scroll online news sites. I will check a news site online every few weeks or so if I am interested in the latest updates. I also only check my social media occasionally. If you are really traumatised and affected by the world events then I recommend you disconnect completely or have a trial shut down period. Why? Because the news is generally showing only one reality which is death, disease, pain, illness, destruction, panic and fear.

They are not reporting on all the billions of people and animals who are having a happy, healthy life

If you know this, then you can open yourself up to read the news occasionally but keep it in check. It is not the only reality that exists.

3. Bring in positive entertainment experiences. Quite often we watch or read the news because we are bored. Find a more constructive use of your time, whether that be reading a book, studying, engaging in something creative, starting a hobby, dancing, cooking, playing with your kids or pets, listening to music or my favourite - a good old Netflix binge 😀 you might think that Netflix is a waste of time but I can assure you, it's better to watch something on there than the news!

4. Set boundaries with friends, family and colleagues around conversation. People love drama... do you really need to spend another 5 minutes of your precious time engaging in fear based conversation? Even laughing or complaining about the state of the toilet paper saga is giving energy to a topic based in scarcity. Don't be afraid to walk away from a conversation or politely ask to change the subject. And if the work lunch room has the news on the TV repeatedly, speak to your manager about getting it turned off or having boundaries around when it is on, to preserve mental health.

5. Come back to your heart centre! This one helped me alot around the bushfire season. I was really affected by the minimal news I did watch because I have such a close connection to animals and the environment. I re-connected to my morning ritual, which is to go for a walk to my local lake (Lake Munga) and do a 30 minute heart based yoga routine. I love this one by the beautiful teacher Sianna Sherman on the Gaia app, as it nurtures Mother Earth and ourselves. I found the Gayatri mantra chanted in Sianna's video to be very powerful and would sing this to myself often over the course of the day. Meditation and mindfulness practices are other helpful tools that help you reconnect with your heart.

6. Don't feed the fear machine! You have choices. So you go to Woolies and the toilet paper aisle is empty again. Why do you need to take a photo and publish it online? We already know there is a shortage so let's just move on and bring our attention back to the important things in life like creating a new earth full of love, compassion and peace 😊 The same applies to when you want to vent about "stupid, selfish morons" who are hoarding the paper. Are they really idiots or maybe they are just gripped in fear? I can hear many people answering "both!" so I'll just leave this one here to simmer haha!

7. Reconnect to nature. Nature is incredibly healing. Whether it's the local park, a walk on the beach or having a break in your own backyard. Take your shoes off, breathe, read a book or watch the dogs play.

8. Contribute to society. Whether that's by a donation of your money, time or other service. The more you give the more you will receive!

9. Keep supporting local businesses. If you're not sick or caring for someone sick then try to continue on with life as usual. Keep going to your appointments, buying your bits and pieces and dining out. Other than the current temporary ban on mass gatherings at public events there is still plenty of things to do (for example the cinemas are still open), so don't be afraid to go out. You can also support local business by purchasing your products or service online.

Honour Your Feelings

Part of the human experience is that we have the ability to feel. From the depths of rage, hate and anger all the way through to joy, peace, love and ecstasy. Knowing the big picture as per above, does not delete the human emotions. So a few ways to honour these emotions include:

1. If you're familiar with Non-Violent Communication, do a self-empathy exercise where you write down or use the cards to connect with your feelings and needs. Which strategies can you use to meet your needs?

2. If you're familiar with the Emotional Freedom Techniques ("Tapping") then start to tap on what you are feeling. It may be helpful to write down a list of your fears and then Tap on them, for example:

  • Fear of getting sick or dying
  • Fear of being stuck/quarantined
  • Fear of loved ones getting sick or dying
  • Fear of not being able to return home to see family
  • Fear of losing money or time if going on a holiday
  • Fear of not being able to return to work if you go on a holiday
  • Fear of not being able to earn an income
  • Fear of the economy crashing
  • Fear of businesses shutting down
  • Fear of things getting worse
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of losing control / not having any control of your environment
  • Fear of making the wrong decision
  • Fear of not having enough
  • Fear of all the AFL footy games being cancelled (a legitimate fear! 😊)

This article has a great explanation on the Tapping process and which points to use, but I recommend having a session with myself first or with someone who can teach you, so you get a better understanding.

3. Seek support. Find a friend or loved one that can offer an empathetic ear for your painful feelings. You are not being a burden. If you don't have anyone to talk to then talk to your GP for a free mental health care plan, or call one of the free Helplines listed here. Of course this is also what I am here to do, to offer you the support and healing you need when you are feeling low. So please reach out if you need.


It can be as simple as that. Do the above steps repeatedly and I can almost guarantee you that within a few days you will feel better.

I am sure that there are many more techniques that you can do to help yourself at this time... I would love to hear them if you are willing to share in the comments below?

Good luck! 💚

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With love and light,

Renee Cusworth

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer and Kinesiologist

Open Your Heart, Open Your Life!

Based in Mount Hawthorn, Perth, Western Australia, Renee is available for Healing & Guidance sessions either in person or via telephone / Skype (voice or video call).

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