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Channelled Message from Lord Sananda, Ascended Master

Read on to hear a beautiful message about letting go of pain...

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So I'll be honest with you, I know a lot of people have big blocks around religion and the negative associations with the church. I myself am not 'religious' however I do connect very easily with the Divine source energy (also known as God or the Universe) and all the beings associated with that. One of the Ascended Masters is known as Lord Sananda, who in a previous incarnation on earth was incarnated as the one known as Jesus Christ.

He came through with a message today which was perfect given that it was Easter and Easter Sunday is the day marked to signify His resurrection.
Please find the message below:

Blessed Ones

I am with you and you are with me.

I come here today to show you something, to share with you some ancient wisdom that has long been forgotten.

We, of the past but who still walk amongst you in spirit, have lots to share with you.

Our only ask, that you listen.

The pain that you have all been feeling in your hearts is not yours. It is not yours now. It was not yours to begin with.

This pain is a result of the collective nature of mankind. The pain that only a soldier who has fallen at war beside his beloved friend, can feel. It runs deep. And it is surfacing now for you all to process, on behalf of mankind.

Most of you receiving this email is what is known as a 'lightworker' which is, someone who has agreed before they were born into this body, to take on the earths pain and work hard to transmute it. Therefore, yes, you have chosen this!

But it does not have to be this hard.

Alot of you are holding onto this pain for dear life. We say to you, stop fighting this, release it. Allow this pain and hurt to flow back to source, where it can be transmuted back to love.

The pain runs deep and we want you to know that we feel it. We acknowledge it.

The time has come for you to be free. Free of this burden and suffering. Open your hearts, open your minds, let go of any negative belief systems you hold around love and what it means to be loved.

You are, and always have been loved.

We are here with you in every moment.

We wish to thank you for the sacred journey you are on and your commitment to yourselves and the world.

We love you.

In love and light.

Jesus Christ

So my take on this is, allow yourself to feel your emotions as they arise. Stop distracting yourselves with work, TV, mindless social media, general 'busy-ness' and really deal with your emotions. Give yourself time and space to cry if you need to. Or smash a pillow and scream and swear into it if you have anger to release! Get out into nature and sit at the beach or beside a tree and tell the ocean / the tree / your guides how you are feeling. You can do this either in your mind or out aloud it doesn't matter.

The longer you hold onto it the more it will eat away at you.
I have a feeling my guides will be asking me to send more regular updates with channelled messages, as the beginning of this message starts with that they 'have lots to share'. I know a lot of people will already understand and agree with this channelled message so perhaps in future ones we will get more juicy information!
Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon!

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With love and light,

Renee Cusworth

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer and Kinesiologist

Open Your Heart, Open Your Life!

Based in Mount Hawthorn, Perth, Western Australia, Renee is available for Healing & Guidance sessions either in person or via telephone / Skype (voice or video call).

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