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    13 décembre, 2018 · Business,Spirituality,Health,Communication,Books
    These are some of the fantastic books that I've read this year... all have helped me and my work in some way or another and I recommend them regularly to my clients. You can purchase at a local bookstore in Western Australia like:The Bodhi Tree Bookstore Cafe in Mount HawthornKarma Living...
    4 août, 2018 · The New Energy,Solar Flares,Lions Gateway,Planetary Retrograde,Eclipses and Moons
    I was in a session last week and the guides strongly pushed that more people need to be aware of the various energetic shifts that are happening at the moment. If you've seen me for a session then we have been working to shift you onto 'The New Energy', which you can read about more on my site...
    4 août, 2018 · Unconditional Love,The Divine,Source,God,Unity Consciousness
    My guides were pushing me to send an email update tonight and I didn't really know what I'll be sharing... I sat down at the computer and I wrote on my notepad the topics which we will be covering. The first one that came up out of nowhere was 'love', which made me think "what the heck am I going...
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