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    12 mars, 2020 · panic,fear,scarcity,bushfires,coronavirus · 4
    It's been a quiet few months for me here on the blog as I've been busy having a transformative time internally and on the business front. I have been watching the various world events unfold... most notably here on the home front we have had the Australian bush fire crisis peaking over our...
    16 décembre, 2019 · patience,kindness,connection,needs,rest
    It's that time of year again! Time for rest, restoration, balance, connection and patience. Wait... WHAT? That doesn't sound like the silly season... isn't it more like the time for partying, stretching yourself too thin, avoiding certain family members and dragging your butt into and out of...
    21 novembre, 2019 · Communication,Connection,Love,God,Spirituality
    A large part of my work is now based upon the amazing Nonviolent Communication ("NVC") process, which was developed by an American Psychologist named Marshall B. Rosenberg. The NVC process was first created in the 1960's and built upon over the years, with Marshall passing away in 2015. He has...
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