• Animal Communication

    Connect with your furry friends, in physical or spirit form

    Being telepathic, Renee can communicate with many different energies in many different realms, and language is no barrier.


    Animals have ALOT to teach us and by giving them a voice, we not only learn what they have going on in their own lives, but also what they can teach us about their lives.


    Very often a household pet takes on the emotional, physical and energetic stress of the household, so once we uncover what that stress is, the owner can then take steps to resolve the issue at the point where it began.


    If you are interested in booking an Animal Communication session then please book the standard 'Healing & Guidance Session'.


    For 'In Person' sessions, please bring along a photo of your animal, either a physical photo or one on your phone is fine (screen lock off so the photo stays present please). For 'Remote' sessions, please upload a photo at time of booking or email prior to our appointment.


    It doesn't matter if the animal has passed away, as we can still connect.


    Firstly we allow the animal to speak and share with us what they have to say. Then we can ask them questions, so please have some questions in mind that you would like answered. Please note, Renee does not have a background in medical diagnosis for animals but there are similarities to the human anatomy and physiology. So for health issues, Renee will do her best to provide feedback on the issue, but is currently working on increasing her knowledge in this area.


    Finally, we then work on decoding the messages received from your pet, to see if there's a more symbolic message that you can take away and apply to your own life.


    Please note, animal communication is not mind control. So we can ask the animal to do or not do something, but it is up to them whether they decide to follow our request or not! Animals have free will just like humans do.


    Renee can connect to any animal, including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, wild animals and more.


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