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    My Mission: To connect individuals to their hearts so that they can empathise with themselves and others, aswell as identify and express their feelings and needs, in order to live a more fulfilling and joyful life.


    My Vision: To create a more compassionate world where every being and life form is respected.

    Renee Cusworth

    Psychic Medium - Intuitive Healer - Kinesiologist


    My journey of self discovery and empowerment really began in my late twenties. As a child I was always sensitive to energy, being able to sense spirits and pick up on others emotions easily.


    And I was intuitive throughout my teenage years, being able to see energy flow throughout my hands as a young adult.


    In my twenties I worked within the financial services and stockbroking industries, in a number of roles including as a team leader and manager. Although incredibly fun and fast paced, I found that this wasn't very soul-fulfilling, so in 2012 I was lucky enough to have a career break and travelled around the world for one year. I spent alot of time on this trip (and on previous trips) in Central and South America, as I felt a very strong connection to the land, people and animals.


    I studied Spanish, visited historic sites such as Machu Picchu in Peru and Galapagos Island in Ecuador and spent time volunteering at an animal refuge in Bolivia as well as at an eco-farm in Costa Rica.


    It was in Costa Rica that I first discovered energy medicine, as a way of healing a broken bone in my foot. Upon returning home I began receiving regular Kinesiology treatment (an energy based complementary therapy), for all kinds of life problems and had excellent results!


    Another theme running throughout my twenties was learning all about people; in relationships with partners, family, friends and colleagues. I learnt SO MUCH about self-worth, self-acceptance and love and I am very grateful for the opportunities that I was presented with during this time, for my soul growth and learning.


    Sufficiently intrigued by the success of Kinesiology treatments for myself and others, I chose to study this modality and qualified with a Diploma of Kinesiology in 2016.


    It was during this period that my sensitivity of energy increased further and I developed strength in these

    'sixth senses':


    thoughts and sounds (clairaudience)

    images (clairvoyance)

    feelings (clairsentience)

    intuition / gut feeling (claircognizance)

    smells (clairscent)

    tastes (clairgustance)


    Whilst studying, I began working as a Psychic Medium and offered mediumship readings aswell as general guidance readings. I spent time relaying information to clients, communicating with lost souls and helping them cross over and performed energetic clearances of properties (ghost busting!), to help clear away spirits and beings of a lower frequency. I also worked on the energetic gridlines of the planet, opening/closing/moving portals and vortices, aswell as clearing energy from locations after mass traumas from the past or present, including terrorist attacks. I also enjoyed (and still enjoy) working with the traditional land owners in spirit, particularly here in Australia, and assist in returning custodianship to them by healing the land.


    I was on a steep learning curve, communicating regularly with spirit guides and many other beings from 'across the veil' who wished to work with me and assist in the ascension of the planet.


    While intense at the time and never a dull moment, towards the end of 2018 this began to slow down, as the shifts of the energetic frequency of the planet meant that things have changed once again, and I was called to a new mission!


    I realised that the purpose of the pain, despair and anguish that I have felt as an empath; of people, animals and the planet is so that I can connect on a deep level with others and communicate the importance of taking responsibility for ones own thoughts and actions.


    Now, as I sit in a peaceful place of unconditional love, compassion and understanding, I am honoured to be able to hold this space for others, and help them unlock the secrets in their heart.


    Although always present, my work has began to focus much more on helping people empower themselves through verbal communication, which is where the life changing Nonviolent Communication fits it. I am working towards becoming a certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication, having recently attended a 9 Day International Intensive Training (IIT) course in Bali, 2019.


    I also teach people all of the energetic tricks I have learnt over the years, moving from being a scared little girl being attacked by weird things at night, to being an empowered woman, showing love to these beings who are made of the same energy as us.


    I love seeing the joy that people have, when they learn something new, apply it and get results that they had previously only dreamed of!


    I am passionate about human rights, animal rights and the protection of our environment. And I do my best every day to ensure my energy and income goes to causes and businesses who are committed to making positive changes in the world.


    'Follow The Sun' by Xavier Rudd is a song that fits the feeling in my heart perfectly. Have a listen below :)

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