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    My Mission: I help people heal their hearts so they can create the life they've always dreamed of!


    My Vision: To create a more compassionate world where people are able to feel and express their emotions easily.

    Renee Cusworth

    Intuitive Wellness Coach


    Hello! My name is Renee and I’ve been working as an Intuitive Wellness Coach for four years.


    My journey of self-discovery and empowerment really began in my late twenties. As a child I was always sensitive to energy, being able to sense spirits and pick up on others emotions easily. And I was intuitive throughout my teenage years, being able to see energy flow throughout my hands as a young adult.


    In my twenties I worked within the financial services industry, in a number of managerial roles but found that it wasn't very soul-fulfilling. So in 2012 I was lucky enough to take a year off and go travelling around the world! I visited Europe, USA, Central and South America and my favourite experiences were volunteering at an eco-farm in Costa Rica and at an animal refuge in Bolivia. I even met an amazing man in Madrid, who I maintained a long-distance relationship with. 😍


    Upon returning home to Perth, Australia and going back into the corporate world… I was even more unhappy and my long-distance relationship was starting to get strained. I visited this man in Nicaragua for a 1 month holiday, and we ended up getting engaged! 💍 Joy! But not for long… upon returning home again… things exploded and I realised that not only was he cheating on me but he was actually already married to someone else!


    What a disaster haha! This was the trigger for me to finally address some deep wounding around self-esteem, self-worth and self-love. 💗 I began with receiving Kinesiology treatment (an energy based complementary therapy) and then I began to study this powerful modality. Soon I was a qualified Kinesiologist and began working in my now current role, helping others to find their own way back to their hearts.


    My life has been littered with relationships not only with men but with female friends and bosses/colleagues of both gender who are controlling, manipulative and narcissistic. Mind games, power plays and sleepless nights were common for me! I didn’t know how to express myself or how to even connect to my own feelings.🤔


    I have learnt how to overcome these issues and am now so happy in my life with a loving partner, a successful career and long deep sleeps each night. 😊


    I’m so excited to be able to share these valuable lessons with you and save you a whole heap of time and pain!


    My passion is to help people heal their hearts so they can create the life they've always dreamed of!


    Looking forward to connecting with you soon! 💗


    PS - 'Follow The Sun' by Xavier Rudd is a beautiful song that inspires warmth within the heart... have a listen below 😊

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    Xavier Rudd - Follow The Sun

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