• Awaken to more joy, peace, love and happiness!

    with Renee Cusworth - Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer and Kinesiologist



  • Healing & Guidance Session

    Receive intuitively guided advice and heal your energetic, mental, emotional and physical bodies

    A 'Healing & Guidance Session' is a unique opportunity for you to receive intuitive psychic guidance, business/career advice and energetic healing within the one session.


    I have developed this session from firstly working as a Psychic Medium offering Readings, and then integrating Kinesiology and intuitive energetic healing into the one session. Prior to this I spent thirteen years in various positions in the corporate environment, with nine of those years being in leadership and managerial positions. These organisational, strategic and other business skills are also utilised within the session.


    I have the ability to see and feel the 'truth' of the matter so can answer any questions you have from a neutral perspective. I can also feel where you have energetic blockages in your body, and work with you to identify and release them.


    The session can assist with many things, including:


    Connecting with your:

    • spirit guides for advice, guidance and clarity
    • loved ones in spirit
    • pets in spirit or present form to hear what they have to say

      Learning how to:

      • improve communication with others for more fullfulling relationships
      • identify, set and uphold boundaries with others
      • take responsibility for your everyday life choices and to stop blaming others
      • hold your energy better so that you are no longer affected by others (critical for those who are energetically sensitive, like an empath or those working with people on a daily basis)
      • clear your space of lower vibrational energy, in any environment, for yourself and others
      • gain control over your business and create a better work / life balance, obtain freedom and generate more income
      • lose weight and become more motivated to do what you want 
      • be more 'Present' every day and why this will change your life
      • identify narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths and how to prevent them taking advantage of you
      • identify the gaps between what makes you happy and the reality that you have created, and the specific steps you need to take to bridge that gap
      • identify your Values and how to apply these to your decision making process every day 
      • integrate yoga, meditation or mindfulness into your busy lifestyle in order to reduce stress
      • stop making the same mistakes in life
      • have a better connection with your spirit guides, the angels and the Divine
      • utilise nature and your own hands for self-healing (it's free!)
      • your partner, children, family members, friends and colleagues better and the reasons for their behaviour
      • what the terms 'Blue Ray', 'Indigo', 'Crystal' and 'Rainbow' mean and learn if you or a loved one are from one of these energies (the Indigo's are adults now)
      • if your child is 'energetically sensitive' and tips for helping them deal with this world
      • if you or your partner are from one of the Earth Angel Realms as categorised by Doreen Virtue
      • about the different galactic races and where your soul may have originated from
      • how to deal with any specific situation that is bothering you
      • who you really are and what your life purpose involves
      • what is going on in the world energetically and how this relates to you and your life
      • career and business advice including the exact steps you need to take to set up your new small business and improve or expand your current business
      • career change and study advice, including careers that would suit you better
      • confirmation that you're on the right track
      • guidance on any health concerns including which health professional would be best for you to see at this point
      • an opportunity to ask any spiritual questions you have without fear of being laughed at!


      • emotional and physical pain / traumas suffered in present and past lives
      • relationships with others, either in spirit or physical form
      • your heart from the loss of a loved one or relationship break up
      • wounds suffered from abusive behaviour, including emotional, physical and sexual abuse (no trauma is too big for me to handle)
      • addictions; including alcoholism, illicit drugs, prescription medication, sex, gambling and overeating
      • depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, eating disorders and other mental health concerns 


      • negative entities and spirits (no entity is too strong!)
      • past life karmic debts including curses, contracts, obligations etc
      • the energy of your home as well as people and pets living within it
      • stress from your body
      • blockages in your life so you can stop repeating patterns

      Activating and awakening:

      • the power of your divine soul so that you can start living at your full potential
      • intuitive skills and learn how to strengthen them
      • ancient wisdom from other lifetimes
      All of the above will allow you to heal your energetic, mental, emotional and physical bodies (also known as healing your mind, body and spirit!).

      Why does this work?

      All issues that you experience in life are a result of an underlying energetic or emotional imbalance. So the point of these sessions is to identify the imbalance, bring it to the surface and clear it away. We can do this because the imbalance is holding somewhere in the energetic body, which I have the ability to access even if at a distance (i.e. via a remote Skype or Phone session). I give your energetic body a 'tune up', bringing all areas into balance, which then filters through to the mental body, emotional body and finally, the physical body.
      Most people tackle their problems the opposite way around. So when physical problems appear in their life (sore shoulder, a horrible job, a cheating partner) they target just the physical problem. So they seek physiotherapy, they quit their job, they leave their partner. But what often happens is, the shoulder pain persists, the next job is just as bad, and the new partner is worse than the last! Why does this happen? It's because the underlying emotional and energetic blockage that has caused this physical problem in the first place, has not been addressed. So changing the physical environment does not alter the persons internal state, as the problem was and always is, inside of that person. Of course, physiotherapy and other body work treatments are very important in the persons treatment plan, but it needs to be combined with some form of energetic healing, to address the underlying issues. Otherwise the body work is often just treating the symptoms, offering temporary relief.
      To explain further, I'm helping you work through the following layers:
      Physical Body - this is what you are usually already aware of consciously, i.e. a sore knee or a diagnosed illness, disease or disorder. Any issues in your physical environment / reality, such as being in a job you hate, being single and unhappy, lack of financial security etc. This is usually the reason why you book the session. Pain or drama is generally the only thing that will get our attention!
      Emotional Body - emotions that you are holding onto which need to be released, such as anger, fear, resentment, grief, sadness and jealousy. You may be conscious of these feelings, or they may be deeply buried.
      Mental Body - negative belief systems and programs you hold, negative thought patterns, values out of alignment with what you want. Most of the time you will be unaware of these things as they are deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind and you've had them since childhood.
      And then once we have spoken about and addressed all of the above, we then clear the issue by working on the final body:
      Spiritual / Energetic Body - clearing emotional pain / traumas from past, present and future lives, which are held within the chakras, aura, timelines and subconscious mind. Removing interference from negative entities or spirit attachments. Removing any karmic contracts and curses that are ready to be released. These are all worked on via hands on or remote healing as well as throughout the session as we converse, as our energy fields interact and stress is brought to the surface.
      What techniques are applied?
      I employ a variety of techniques throughout the session, including:
      • Kinesiology and intuitive techniques to completely tune up all parts of your energy field
      • visualisation sequences to heal wounded relationships
      • leading you on meditation journey's into the past or future, including past life regressions and future life progressions (to heal wounds and integrate wisdom)
      • realigning your timelines so your past, present and future timelines sit in a more balanced location within your energy field
      • light language signing, drawing and speaking to move energy in the most effective way possible and activate your souls power
      • cord cutting and removal of control devices from past abusive relationships and sexual partners
      • intuitively guided affirmations and channelled messages from your guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters for you to take home and work on
      What happens during a session?
      The Initial Consultation (first session you book with me) has a duration of 90 minutes and the Ongoing session (second and every subsequent session) has a duration of 75 minutes.
      Each session is led intuitively, so after briefly explaining how the session works, I then check in with your spirit guides to see where we are going to begin the session. We could start with talking about the relationship you have with a family member, or the pain in your hand, etc. We then continue on like this for as long as we need, usually 45 - 60 minutes. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you have, before we move into the next part.
      We then spend the last part of the session doing the hands on healing work. For an 'In Person' session, you then lie on the massage table, face up and fully clothed. Most people like to just relax and enjoy the gentle music, but you can continue to chat if you wish to. I then begin to balance the energy field, which looks like a series of hand movements over your body. I also gently tap on certain acu-points, such as on the shoulders or hips. I then usually finish with sending healing energy to the body by holding my hands on the upper chest, heart or temples.
      For a 'Remote' session, for this part of the session I simply come away from the phone or camera, perform the healing like you are lying on the table, and then come back to the call or video. It is recommended that you sit or lie comfortably for this part in a light meditation or with your eyes closed, so that you can enjoy the experience from a distance.
      We then finish off with 5 - 10 mins of final guidance. Please note any huge questions asked at this stage of the session may not be able to be answered in full due to the time limitations. If that's the case I make a note of the topic and we can address it more thoroughly in our next session.
      How many sessions do I need?
      There are many layers involved in the process of healing. We are like an onion, with each exploration we have inside of ourselves revealing another layer of the onion. The deeper we go, through energetic healing, meditation, yoga, self-help books, counselling, life experiences and learning then the more layers we can peel off. At it's core is the true you, the one who is pure and full of love, joy, peace and happiness!
      Therefore one session has been proven to be extremely beneficial. More sessions with myself or anyone helping you go within, will be even more beneficial.

      Some inspirational quotes:


      “Everyone should consider his body as a priceless gift from one whom he loves above all, a marvellous work of art, of indescribable beauty, and mystery beyond human conception, and so delicate that a word, a breath, a look, nay, a thought may injure it.” - Nikola Tesla (Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, physicist and futurist)


      "The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first.” - Jim Morrison (American singer - The Doors)


      “Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?” - Danielle LaPorte (Canadian author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneaur and blogger)


      "I know that my spirit is waiting out there in front of me on one of any number of a thousand paths, and that it is up to me to choose that one path on which my spirit waits, and to step out on it brightly, without hesitation, to pursue the I, which is the greatest one I can possibly be. To be spirit-full, that is, spiritual. That is to be in touch with my soul." - Michael E. Gerber - American Entrepreneur and author of 'The E-Myth'


      “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon (British singer - The Beatles)


      "Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be." Eckhart Tolle - German Spiritual Teacher and author of 'The Power of Now'


      "The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space." Eckhart Tolle - German Spiritual Teacher and author of 'The Power of Now'


      "Journeys in which we mistakenly attempt to change ourselves by fiddling with our behaviour, appearance, or circumstances are like moving a radio around a room as a means of tuning into a desired station. The experience of present moment awareness is nowhere 'out there' in the world. Present moment awareness is an inside accomplishment - an inside job. Having said this, once present moment awareness is activated by emotional integration, the results are automatically reflected in our experience of the world." Michael Brown - South African author of 'The Presence Process'


      There is no better time like the present to begin your healing journey!

      Healing & Guidance Sessions


      In Person:


      Initial Consultation - 90 mins - $220 AUD (including GST)

      Ongoing - 75 mins - $180 AUD (including GST)


      These sessions are held at my home in Mount Hawthorn (Perth, Western Australia).




      Initial Consultation - 90 mins - $220 AUD (including GST)

      Ongoing - 75 mins - $180 AUD (including GST)


      These sessions are held via video call or phone call. Please choose your preferred method of contact at the time of booking. The options are:

      • Skype Video Call
      • Skype Phone Call
      • Phone Call to Mobile or Landline (within Australia only)
      • Facebook Messenger Video Call
      • Facebook Messenger Phone Call 
      • Whatsapp Phone Call
      • Viber Phone Call

      Please go to Book Now to schedule an appointment. Please note 'Remote' sessions need to be paid for in advance at the time of booking online (via credit / debit card or PayPal account). 'In Person' sessions can be paid for either in advance at the time of booking online or in person via credit / debit card or cash.

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    • Animal Communication

      Connect with your furry friends, in physical or spirit form

      Being telepathic I can communicate with many different energies in many different realms, and language is no barrier.


      Animals have ALOT to teach us and by giving them a voice, we not only learn what they have going on in their own lives, but also what they can teach us about their lives.


      Very often a household pet takes on the emotional, physical and energetic stress of the household, so once we uncover what that stress is, the owner can then take steps to resolve the issue at the point where it began.


      If you wish to connect to an animal during one of our sessions:


      For 'In Person' sessions, please bring along a photo of your animal, either a physical photo or one on your phone is fine (screen lock off so the photo stays present please). For 'Remote' sessions, please upload a photo at time of booking or email prior to our appointment.


      It doesn't matter if the animal has passed away, as we can still connect.


      Firstly we allow the animal to speak and share with us what they have to say. Then we can ask them questions, so please have some questions in mind that you would like answered. Please note I do not have a background in medical diagnosis for animals but there are similarities to the human anatomy and physiology. So for health issues, I will do my best to provide feedback on the issue, but am currently working on increasing my knowledge in this area.


      Finally, we then work on decoding the messages received from your pet, to see if there's a more symbolic message that you can take away and apply to your own life.


      Please note, animal communication is not mind control. So we can ask the animal to do or not do something, but it is up to them whether they decide to follow our request or not! Animals have free will just like humans do.


      I can connect to any animal, including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, wild animals and more.


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    • The 'New Energy'

      Understand what is happening to your body right now

      The energetic technique I have developed comes from being on the 'new energy' system which is a relatively new concept for most of us. In short, we're all experiencing a time of transition where we're evolving into a higher state of consciousness. You could say that it's a form of evolution, where our energy system is shifting up a notch allowing us to embrace our full potential.


      Some people are already functioning on this new system however most people are struggling somewhere in the transition process and are experiencing a variety of symptoms such as:

      • dissatisfaction with life, relationships or career
      • unable to fit into a rigid structure like the '9 til 5' job or routine commitments
      • recurrence of illness or aggravation of old injuries
      • a knowingness that there is 'more to life'
      • feeling like time has begun to speed up
      • strange physical symptoms such as sudden migraine, sharp pain in the back, blurry vision, nausea, throbbing palms/fingers, heart palpitations, ringing in the ear or dizziness
      • being on an 'emotional rollercoaster' and having days of either very high or very low energy
      • emergence of psychic gifts or increased awareness of spirits and energies around them
      • feeling fearful, anxious or depressed (especially about the state of the world) 
      • no longer wearing jewellery or 'forgetting' to wear a watch 
      • feeling like something is holding you back in life
      • repeated bad luck or continuation of frustrating patterns
      • seeing number patterns everywhere like 11:11 or 888
      Some of the above physical signs are also known as 'Ascension Symptoms'. This is when your energetic body has started to shift up onto a higher vibration, and now your physical body is going through a process trying to catch up and recalibrate, so it can hold your new energetic frequency. These uncomfortable feelings will soon pass, so hang in there!

      I can help you shift onto this 'new energy' system quicker and enable you to start living a better life.


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    • Gift Vouchers

      Purchase these vouchers as a gift for your friend or loved one. Each voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase and is redeemable on the service that you choose. After selecting the voucher you wish to purchase, please enter the following details in the 'Notes to Business' section:






      A personalised voucher will then be generated and emailed to you promptly (please see example below).

    • About

      My mission:


      To create change in the world by igniting people to awaken to their souls higher purpose.


      To facilitate healing, communication and an understanding of the energetic world.


      To assist people to awaken to more joy, peace, love and happiness!

      Renee Cusworth

      Psychic Medium - Intuitive Healer - Kinesiologist

      I first discovered energy around me when I was a child, in the form of being able to sense a spirit in my presence. Spirits would come to me regularly (mainly at night time) which was pretty scary at the time! I was blessed to have an understanding family and group of friends around me, however for the most part, this gift was mainly misunderstood.


      I was intuitive throughout my teenage years and in my early twenties I began to see other forms of energy around me, as well as flowing through my hands. I didn’t know what to do with this so continued to work within the financial services and stockbroking industries until my early thirties.


      In my twenties I travelled as much as I could around the world, peaking with a one year break from my career when I was 28 years old. I had always felt a strong connection with Central and South America and spent a lot of my holiday time there. On these trips I connected with the land, the people, studied Spanish and visited historic sites such as Machu Picchu in Peru and Galapagos Island in Ecuador. I also spent time volunteering at an animal refuge in Bolivia as well as at an eco-farm in Costa Rica.


      It was in Costa Rica that I first discovered energy medicine, as a way of healing a broken bone in my foot. Upon returning home I began receiving regular Kinesiology treatment (an energy based complementary therapy), for all kinds of life problems, and had excellent results. So much so that I began to study it!


      It was during this period that my psychic gifts increased rapidly, with increased spirit and animal communication and intuitive healing work. I also began to gain control of my 'gifts' and established strong energetic boundaries, meaning that my home and environment is now 100% energetically clear.


      I communicate with spirit guides, spirits and animals telepathically (in my mind) and receive information for all of my work via:


      thoughts and sounds (clairaudience)

      images (clairvoyance)

      feelings (clairsentience)

      intuition / gut feeling (claircognizance)

      smells (clairscent)

      tastes (clairgustance)


      I have been able to use these skills for a variety of purposes such as relaying messages from spirit guides and spirits on 'the other side', helping spirits that have become 'stuck' here (i.e. a ghost or earthbound spirit), as well as listening to and relaying what an animal has to say.


      I also connect very easily to the Angelic, Devic (nature), Galactic and Ascended Masters realms as well as directly to source energy, receiving very clear channelled messages.


      The intuitive healing technique I have developed is based on that I have the ability to perceive and clear where negative energy and stress is being held within a person’s energy field and physical body.


      The energetic body is where most of our issues are held, so if we clear this then the physical, mental and emotional bodies begin to heal. This is the same principle that is applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine, like acupuncture.


      I hold a Diploma of Kinesiology, an Advanced Diploma of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), am fluent in conversational Spanish, have attended numerous business, financial and energy healing seminars and workshops and hold a Professional Membership with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). I continue to advance my personal and professional development every day.


      I am passionate about human rights, animal rights and the protection of our environment and can not tolerate injustice, cruelty, greed or misogyny. I do my best every day to ensure my energy and income goes to causes and businesses who are committed to making positive changes in the world.


      My mission is:


      To create change in the world by igniting people to awaken to their souls higher purpose.


      To facilitate healing, communication and an understanding of the energetic world.


      To assist people to awaken to more joy, peace, love and happiness!

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

      Do you work with children?

      My primary client base is comprised of adults however I do also work with children and teenagers of all ages.  I have a sensitive way of working with the young person with the parent present. Depending on their age, we can either discuss the issue in front of them, with them, or we can spend ten minutes at the end of the session speaking privately together (parent and myself). They can still receive the hands on Healing like any other client and I am conscious not to scare the young ones with weird conversation!

      Can I bring someone with me to a session?

      As the sessions are so personal, please attend the session alone. If we are working with your child, then you and your child can be present.


      For 'In Person' sessions, if you are stuck for a babysitter and need to bring your little one, then they are more than welcome at my home. Please just bring the usual books, games etc to keep them amused as I don't have any of these things. The child can either sit with us in the session or sit in the next room with the door open or shut, whichever you prefer. If you are doing this please just give me a heads up via email or text beforehand. And please note whilst they are welcome, it is still a distraction for both of us and you won't get the most out of your session.

      What results have you seen from these sessions?

      Clients have reported the following results which they attribute to the sessions:

      • stress and anxiety immediately cleared
      • new sense of calmness and being 'ok' with things that usually bothered them
      • increased mental clarity and focus
      • increased direction in life with a new sense of purpose
      • children are happier and behavioural issues cleared
      • better relationships with their partner and family
      • met a new partner and began a new loving relationship
      • new business opportunities have arisen
      • greater luck and financial abundance
      • increased psychic abilities, intuitive experiences and synchronicities including being able to hear own spirit guides, see energy in their hands, noticing more meaningful things in life such as a specific song coming on at the perfect time to answer a question, feeling a loved one around them in spirit
      • dreams have returned
      • addiction to alcohol cleared leading to weight loss
      • new opportunities arose
      • physical issues such as a sore shoulder, knee and back were resolved
      • headaches and pain in temple disappeared
      • unexplained skin rashes and itchy eyes cleared up
      • better sleep and insomnia disappeared
      • feeling more grounded
      • feeling more noticed, people are now seeing and hearing them
      • feeling happier and more joyous

      The list really is limitless.


      To see what other clients are saying, please read the Testimonials.

      When are you available?

      I'm currently available for appointments at the following times:


      Monday to Wednesday: 11.30am, 1.15pm, 3.45pm and 5.30pm


      Please go to the Book Now section to see availabilities and schedule an appointment.

      How do I pay for a session?

      If you Book Online you can pay via PayPal, Credit or Debit card (you don't need to have a PayPal account to pay by card).


      After you have selected the session that you would like and the time that suits you, please click on the 'Pay Now' link. You'll then be taken to the 'Pay with PayPal' page where you can login if you have a PayPal account or click on 'Pay with credit or debit card' if you don't.


      If paying in person after a session, I accept cash, Credit or Debit card and have a card reader on hand to process the transaction.

      How can I find out more before I book?

      Please send me a message below or contact me at info@spiritconnect.net.au or 0402 580 777.


      Estimated response times are within 2 business days and preferred method of contact is email.

    • Testimonials

      Read what other people are saying...



      I didn't know what to expect the first time I had a healing session with Renee. Once I got there, I felt comfortable straight away because I could see she was a down to earth person and I love her sense of humour. She explained the process to me and answered my questions. I was fascinated by what information she told me during the reading and by the energy healing she does.


      She has helped me understand why certain patterns have repeated in my life and given me great practical advice on how to move forward. Renee makes you feel safe to talk about any problem you're having because she can often relate to it herself and she doesn't pretend to be a perfect human, which makes me respect her. She is genuine and keeps it real. I leave her sessions feeling excited about life and all the possibilities and with about 20 questions in my head that I can't wait to ask her next time!


      She has also really helped my dog Alfie in a pet healing session. Alfie had severe allergies and I had tried many things to help him, without success. Renee tuned into Alfie and cleared lots of energetic junk and gave me guidance on what would help Alfie with his physical and emotional issues. The results were amazing!! His skin cleared up and he is so much happier. Thank you Renee!



      I was first introduced to Renee and her services at a time in my life where I needed direction and answers. After the first session, I felt more like myself. The person I used to be when I knew what I wanted in life and where I was going. To feel like that again and get the clarity and strength to improve my circumstance was amazing.


      It only took me a few sessions for Renee to help me to where I wished to be and teach me how to continue that work on myself to keep me balanced. Renee has a very gentle approach. She listens when you speak not only to your words but also to your body and energy. She balances you with care and leaves you feeling and knowing the possibilities your life holds once again and that they are achievable.


      I'm truly thankful for her help, understanding and highly recommend Renee to anyone.





      I could not thank Renee enough for all the changes she has brought to my life since I have started seeing her for healing sessions. The first few months I noticed considerable improvements with my back pain and other physical problems that had been bothering me chronically for the past decades.


      Changes on a mental and spiritual level took a little longer to show through, possibly because they happened more subtly. I can see now 10 months later how Renee's guidance and incredible healing power has deeply transformed my life.



      I first came to Renee with a sense of feeling stuck in life and over the past few months, her guidance has changed the direction of my life completely. She has a compassionate yet clear approach that not only heals but has also led me to find my own inner guidance. I still face challenges but have a clearer sense of direction. I am very grateful for all her help.





      Last healing session I was very stressed and been taking tablets for anti anxiety. As I was driving home I noticed I was calm, not feeling anxious, my heart beating normal, I felt a sense of peace and still feel fine. On previous sessions I've also felt very peaceful and able to sleep all night . Thanks Renee, keep up your good work and God Bless.





      I saw Renee when I had reached an all time low in my life. My marriage had dissolved, I was barely hanging onto my job and my health was in tatters. I could feel the energy begin to shift during the healing sessions and Renee’s guidance helped me to feel clearer and more in touch with the real me that was very lost at the time. Over a number of sessions I began to feel peace that I hadn’t felt for a long time. I recently started a new job and my ten year old son said tonight “mum you’re better, you’re happier, it feels like I have old friend back.” Renee is gentle, insightful and compassionate and her healing space exudes warmth and love. I highly recommend Renee.



      I've been seeing Renee for a while now for healing sessions, which I've found to be invaluable for my health and personal growth. I was having a particularly difficult few weeks when I booked a reading, but after seeing her I felt a great weight lift off my shoulders and I left feeling happier than I had been for a long time.


      If you're feeling unsure, just give it a try. You won't be disappointed! She's amazing :)





      I have been meaning to email you to say thanks so very much, I was so looking forward to seeing you. I feel with a lot of things I have had in my life recently and since my teens this is the pivotal part of the puzzle to me finding peace.


      I already feel better and am really looking forward to seeing you soon. I trusted you before meeting you but after having met you in person felt even more so connected and I really enjoyed your company you are an incredibly talented person and a pleasure to be around.



      Would just like to let you that after yesterday's appointment and after telling you that I hadn't slept probably for a few nights, well I had the best sleep ever last night! No dogs barking or waking me up and no reptilian things keeping me awake!


      Thank you! We must have cleared a lot of stuff during our appointment.





      Words can't really do Renee's healings justice. The shifting of energy and inspiration you will feel after is absolutely amazing. The spiritual information and guidance is life changing. I feel empowered and I feel like I have the tools to be the best version of me.


      Thank you Renee for everything. The world is brighter with a star like you.



      Renee is a warm, caring psychic who has a real gift. She was very accurate and offered exactly what was required in the reading. I left feeling calm and happy with the information I received. I'm excited about our healing session next month.


      Later: I am extremely happy with the healing sessions I have had with Renee. She has helped me work through many challenges in a very caring and compassionate way. I can't thank her enough. The positive changes in me have been unbelievable. I am becoming a much stronger person who has clear direction and strong boundaries due to Renee's advice and healings. While involved in the healing sessions, I feel a sensation that is difficult to describe. I can feel the power of her hands and know that she is a the real deal with very powerful abilities. Renee has made me very excited about the future and confident and ready to take on the world. I look forward to my next session with Renee.





      Going into the reading I was confused, stressed, emotional and I just needed some guidance.


      The time I spent with Renee was uplifting spiritually and mentally. It has given me a new outlook on my life and she has given me some new tools and the guidance I needed to make myself mentally and spiritually stronger.


      I truly thank her for all she has done for me.


      Thank you, you beautiful lady.



      I visited Renee last week and was at a point in my life where I was very unhappy, confused and not sure what to do in my life!!!


      She brought so much clarity and confirmation to me about my future and gave me some brilliant advice!!!





      Renee is a young rising star at the sky of spiritual guides. She is genuine and open, active listening and supportive. On my question “What is the deeper purpose for me being here in Australia?”, she got answers from many aboriginal spirits having teamed up with us for the reading. What’s more, when ‘Robi’s’ thoughts manifested from Renee’s mouth, I was pretty much taken aback. Robi was my first dog and he definitely had a very important message for me. Thank you for being so helpful!


      And later: Although you might have had the feeling that the spirits weren’t that clear as in previous or other sessions, I would like to let you know, that to me it made so much sense and it was totally clear what it's meant to be. And it was just ripe that it turned up. It was perfect time and perfect subject - and I feel so much better. Thank you so very much.



      I just wanted to say Thank You for your time and being patient about the last minute booking for my reading today. You have a lovely gentle way of reading and it was very interesting and relevant for me.


      I would certainly recommend you and I will be in touch again.





      I have had several readings done by Renee in order to receive guidance from my guides and I have been amazed and blown away by each one. The content that Renee received has always been very accurate, relevant and validated by information that I had received via other means. This has enabled me to learn and grow spiritually in ways that I could never have imagined.


      Renee is a beautiful and gifted soul and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to receive help and guidance from their guides.



      I have never previously visited a medium, or a gifted person of any sort, in my entire life. It's fair to say I'm a person who doesn't know what to believe... perhaps an open-minded sceptic. However, after meeting Renee on my travels I knew immediately that there was a very special ability that she carried with her.


      Shortly after we first met I scheduled a Spirit Connect reading for 1 hour. In this time Renee passed on messages/feelings (albeit sometimes cryptic) from friends and relatives that have passed over and helped me interpret them. What I experienced left me with some insights I didn't expect, closure where I needed it and a sense of love and safety.


      Fair to say I was blown away and, sceptic or not, I can't recommend a meeting with Renee highly enough.





      Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for yesterday, you were just wonderful :) I was fine last night but been a bit up & down emotionally today - probably just need a good cry!


      You helped so much and I am starting to understand a few more things and now just need to focus on moving forward positively in my life. What happened yesterday is something that I will never forget and will hold dear to me <3 Thank you xx



      My reading with Renee was awesome. I went into it with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised that three members of my family came through. I was blown away with some of the things Renee was passing on to me.


      There is no way she could have known these things, yet here she was telling me about them. My Mum, my Aunty and my Grandfather came through, and it was a lovely experience and at times a truly 'Goosebumps’ experience.


      I was very happy with my reading and I came away from it feeling loved, happy and peaceful. Renee has a gift that very few have and I would recommend anyone to have a reading with her.


      Thanks again Renee.





      I just wanted to say thank you so much for my reading today. I found it to be absolutely amazing and I got much more out of it than I thought possible. You obviously have a wonderful gift. Thank you also for being so generous with your time. Thanks again! I really enjoyed it!



      Thank you Renee for connecting with my Nan. It was so nice to hear a few messages that she had for me that were definitely relevant to my life now. Your description of how she looked and other key identifying facts were spot on. I really felt and believed it was my Nan sending me those messages through you.


      I now feel happy and secure knowing that she is around me all the time. I would love to have another Spirit reading with you in the future.





      I was one of Renee's first customers and I was truly amazed at how gifted and accurate she was with my reading! She was in touch with people from my teenage years as well as family members and was accurate with names and events.


      Renee is a very special young lady with a beautiful soul. She is a very caring, gentle person and I would recommend anyone who wanted a reading to have it done with Renee. You will be truly amazed. Thank you Renee for my reading.....you are special xx



      I had a reading by Renee at my daughters house a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled to have my Mum, my father in law and my niece all come through with messages, which was amazing. I even got scolded by my Mum for drinking too much coffee (I do).


      It was emotional at times but also comforting to be able to connect with them. For anybody wanting to communicate with loved ones I would certainly recommend it.





      My reading was not how I expected it to be as after my guide and grandmother came, my mother came through who herself actually needed guidance. Renee kindly and professionally dealt with this unexpected turn of events in her gentle and calm manner. So it was almost a reading for my mum! The main person I wanted contact with came through on Renee's request and there was absolutely no doubt it was her as her cheeky "Hello darling" that she butted in with could only be her, my dear friend.


      I left feeling exhausted but happy and felt that Renee's reading was very accurate and insightful. I have already recommended her to family and would not hesitate to pass on her details to anyone who needs to see a good psychic. I have no doubt I will see Renee again some time in the future.



      After several months of feeling a seemingly dark energy following me, I met Renee through a friend. Unsure of what exactly was happening I asked Renee for a general guidance phone reading.


      Renee shed light on my situation by delineating what was lingering around me and what was their purpose for being there. After I was told all the information I felt a sense of comfort and control because I knew what I needed to do to better my situation.


      Renee gave me confidence to approach the spiritual realm without fear and gave me solace in knowing that there is always help whenever we ask for it.





      Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home for a reading. I really enjoyed it and you were very accurate on many things you said to me.

      I felt very positive for a good week or so after and I'm continuing to work on that mood with positive affirmations as often as possible.

      Thank you once again for a wonderful reading.

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